Training of standards / EU directives

Training of standards / EU directives

Training of standards / EU directives

Competent capacity building. That is the main aim of our training sessions, seminars and workshops. As ignorance is no defence, we make sure that your company has a qualified insight to necessary processes and measures.

Your profit from the training about Standards / EU directives: We advise and support you so that exactly the right employees receive the suitable training. Individually adjusted to your needs. For example with kick-off events for the entire team, seminars for individual departments with specific task ranges in the company, coaching for individual departments, workshops in small groups with specified objectives, etc. The aim is that all participants can apply the acquired topics immediately in the everyday work.

Workshop and training standards / EU directives – topics

Whether the workshop or training on standards/EU directives shall provide basic knowledge for the respective teams in your company or support them to implement new processes (e.g. CE marking process): We adjust the workshop and training on standards/EU directives individually to your company-internal needs. After finishing the workshop and training on standards/EU directives, your teams are on state-of-the-art level and fit to implement the legal requirements.

We offer workshops and training in standards/EU directives on the following standards/EU directives and topics:

  • Machinery Directive
  • CE Process – CE Conformity Evaluation Procedure
  • DIN EN ISO 12100 and DIN EN ISO 13849 regarding risk assessment
  • Machine safety
  • Putting machines on the market
  • Operating machinery
  • Upkeep of machinery
  • Modifications/redesign/reprocessing existing machines
  • Redesign and significant changes to machines and production lines

Workshop and training on standards / EU directives will take place on:

  • (Dates by arrangement)

Workshop and training on standards/EU directives can take place on your premises or in our classrooms

  • ADT-Zielke GmbH & Co. KG, Neuer Höltigbaum 2, 22143 Hamburg


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