Technical translation as teamwork

Technical translation

Technical translation

Our team of technical translators, engineers, DTP specialists and technical drawers work hand in hand so that you will get a high-quality translation of your documents in every format and specifically for your industry

Qualified, native-speakers technical translators translate your documents reliably acc. to DIN EN 15038. 

Our experience project managers handle your projects smoothly. You get consistent technical translations because we always use our Translation Memory system. Upon request we will gladly check if your original texts are fault-free and/or check them for correct content.

Technical translations – interesting facts

The new standard for translation services – requirements for translation services has been published. The successor standard of DIN EN 15038, the ISO 17100:2015 Translation services – Requirements for translation services has been published with the issue date 2015-05. The German version of DIN EN ISO 17100 Translation services – requirements for translation services will be published soon. The standard is available from Beuth-Verlag.

DIN EN 15038 is a quality standard for translation service providers. ADT Zielke perform technical translations according to this European standard which has been passed by the European Committee for Standardization. According to this standard, the translation itself of a technical document is only one of several phases in the translation process for technical translations. Technical translations according to DIN EN 15038 must include both the translation and the proofreading. After the translation phase, technical translations are proofread by persons who are explicitly not the translator. All parties performing technical translations acc. to DIN EN 15038, proofread them and check the content, must have a high level of professional competence. 

  • Translator training (university degree)
  • Comparable training (other subject field) and at least two years of experience in translation
  • At least five years of professional translation experience

Proofreaders require additional experience in the subject field for the respective technical translation.

If you want more information about technical translations, please contact us. We gladly answer all your questions. Call us, or send an e-mail.

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