Our team: specialists and engineers

Specialists and engineers

Specialists and engineers

Knowledge, experience, innovation. These are our buzzwords. But it is much more than just words. There are people who get more engaged, who look closely, who think more intensely.

Smooth communication is important to us, therefore we carefully pick the employees for every project, and one selected employee of our team is always there for you.

Quality assurance by qualification and continuous education is MUST for us, therefore we assign only our qualified engineers and specialists to supervise your company reliably.

  • Occupational safety officers / safety officers
  • Safety engineers (members in VDSI and VDI)
  • Engineers for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, automation engineering and medical technology
  • Specialist for explosion protection
  • CE Officer
  • Technical writers (members of tekom)
  • Technical drawers
  • Certified specialised translators
  • Native-speakers, specialised translators, selected acc. to DIN EN 15038
  • Officers for environmental protection (environment auditor, wast, immission protection, water protection)
  • Competent person for inspection of ladders acc. to BetrSichV and TRBS 2121
  • Qualified playground tester acc. to DIN SPEC 79161, FLL/BSFH-certified
  • Seminar host for training sessions and workshops
  • Person commissioned for fire protection
  • Person commissioned for hazardous substances
  • Person commissioned for noise protection

All our employees live and breathe our quality management system (certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001).