Noise measurement / vibration measurement

Noise measurement

Noise measurement

Directives and regulations request a noise/vibration measurement of machines/systems. We give you a precise and efficient assessment of the noise exposition in your company – at the work place, at machines, or in work shops.

  • For manufacturers of machines / production lines acc. to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • For operators of machines and production lines acc. to LärmVibrationsArbSchV

Our qualified safety engineers determine the most sensible measurement strategy for your demands. Our high-value measurement devices provide precise data you can rely on.

We advise you safely and completely so that you can adhere to legal standards and limit values.

  • Measurement of the sound power level generated by your machines / systems and devices as part of the conformity evaluation procedure (CE marking)
  • Measurement tests of sound emission
  • Measurement tests of noise protection measures at the workplace
  • Advice regarding noise protection measures at the workplace

Note: After modifying your production line, it might be necessary and required to perform a noise / vibration measurement. Our specialists gladly advise you on the cases that require a noise /vibration measurement.

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