Measurement / test of equipment

Certain work equipment, such as ladders, and electrical equipment (DGUV Ordinance 3 – test, formerly BGV A3) must be tested regularly. This also applies to electrical safety of machinery and production lines (DIN EN 60204). If necessary, companies must also test the Noise exposure for their employees.

Our specialists reliably measure and test all concerned devices and conditions in your company.

The new ordinance (since 2015-06-01) to regulate the requirements to occupational safety and health when using work equipment and hazardous substances includes a new version of the ordinance on safety and health protection when using work equipment (Industrial Safety Regulation – Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, BetrSichV) and the change of the hazardous substance ordinance. Please call us, if you do have any questions concerning the new BetrSichV.

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